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Struggling with a slow Wordpress website?

You'll rest easy knowing that the world's best nerds are working to improve your Wordpress website's performance. Research shows that 40% of users expect a website to load in 3 seconds, or you risk losing them forever. Our Wordpress speed optimization service will get your website loading in under 3 seconds, or your money back.

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Your site will load in under 3 seconds
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*no payment until after we analyze the site.


Don’t waste your efforts just to lose customers to a slow WordPress website!

Your website is a money making, customer converting machine if it’s running properly. Many people will leave a website if it takes over 3 seconds to load! Our nerds will increase WordPress performance to make sure it’s speedy so your potential customers turn into customers.

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No Risk

Pay nothing until we diagnose your slow WordPress website. At the very least, you get a free analysis!

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Safe & Secure

You’ll rest assured knowing that we make backups every step of the way. Your files and data are safe with us.

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Money Back

If we can’t make it load in under 3 seconds, we’ll refund you 100% no questions asked.

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USA Based

We’re based in Philadelphia! No language barriers – only slight timezone changes. Customer service you expect.

Simple & Easy

Our Process

Slow Wordpress Website Step 1

Get In Touch

Before you pay anything, we have to make sure that we can help you! We'll check out your slow Wordpress website and confirm before we do anything.

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We make full backups of the website at the start, during, and when we're finished our work with it. Nothing gets lost!

Slow Wordpress Website Step 3

Nerds Do Nerdy Things

Our nerds will get to work improving your Wordpress speed while taking every procaution possible to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Slow Wordpress Website Step 4


You and your website visitors will enjoy your speedy Wordpress website. Or, we'll refund you! You'll be joining hundreds of other clients who've benefited from our work!

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how we speed up wordpress

Nerd jargon ahead

What We Do

If you’re wondering how to speed up a WordPress website, here’s how we improve WordPress performance:


  • Caching
  • Image resizing
  • File minimizing
  • Premium plugins
  • Hosting
  • Code edits
  • And a few more!

Slow WordPress Website?

Why we help

If you didn’t already know, WordPress website speed affects customer experience. According to Google, sites that offer the best user experience are likely to receive return visitors and experience less bounce rate.


A slow website is usually an indication of a deeper problem with a WordPress website. It’s possible that something was not set up correctly or is not being maintained appropriately. The only way to determine this is through an audit, which is part of our normal process in our WordPress speed optimization service!


Customers aren’t the only ones that love fast websites. Google and other search engines do too. If you’re trying to get SEO rankings, having a fast website is a must.

wordpress speed increase why


Can you explain everything in one place?

We’re a bunch of WordPress nerds who want take make the web and WordPress websites faster. We’re located in Philadelphia, PA so you won’t have to worry about communicating with someone across the world when trying to fix your slow WordPress website.


Our process is simple and easy. First, we need you to fill out our Get Started form. You’ll choose services and give us any additional information – you do not pay anything at this point. Once we have your info, we’ll get back to you with any additional questions. After we have everything we need, including backend access, we’ll analyse the site to make sure we can definitely help you. Once we get the “ok”, we’ll send you an invoice for the services. Once paid, we’ll get to work speed optimizing WordPress!


Speed Up WordPress


Websites that takes too long to load inconveniences users and most people will leave if it takes a few seconds more to load than the expected time. To ensure that your customers enjoy using the website, you must implement strategies that help optimize the speed of your WordPress website.


After using our WordPress speed optimization service, you’ll be amazed by how quickly your site loads. We strive to make it load in under 3 seconds! We use several tools to help get your site there and to measure how well weve done. If we’re not able to speed up your WordPress website, we’ll give you your money back.

How about security and safety

We make several full backups of your website throughout the process. These backups include ALL files and the entire WordPress database.


We never share or give access to your website to anyone outside of our company. We use third-party password managers like Lastpass so that very few people inside our company ever see your secure information.

How often do you make backups?
  1. Before we start work
  2. After milestones during work
  3. Upon completing work

We store these locally and remotely.

What about eCommerce websites?

Yep! As long as it’s WordPress, we can help you make it speedier.

What info do you need from me?

We’ll need access to your WordPress backend. Generally, you get there by going to yourdomain.com/wp-admin. You can either share your login information or add an account for us (this is the preferred method).


Sometimes, though rarely, we’ll need access to FTP and/or your hosting control panel. We’ll let you know if we need it.


All of this will be in greater detail after you contact us.

I think I need new hosting

If your website is slow because of a slow host (E.g. Godaddy is notoriously slow), we have a separate service where we’ll move your entire site to a better, faster host. We check for slow hosting in our initial analysis.

Will my site go down while you're working?

We work directly on your live site and it’s highly unlikely that your site will go down. When updating plugins, a brief “Maintenance Mode” message may appear.

Will the whole website load fast?

Yep, the whole thing. We optimize everything, not just the homepage.

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You’re in good hands with Marc at Pagemend. Our WordPress site is super fast after their work!

Sandy, BiHomes


Their speed service and customer service was better than I expected. 5 Stars, would use again.

Greg, Flix


I couldn’t believe how speedily they sped up my site. Everything was super professional.

Jack, Supra


Loved the updates from Marc. Nothing beats the personal touches from their service.

Emma, Swension

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