WordPress Monitoring

On average, 850,647 websites are hacked every month.

Leave nothing to chance with our Wordpress monitoring service - featured packed aimed at protecting and securing your website so hackers and the unplanned downtime never get your business down.

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24/7 Security & Malware Scans
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Daily/Weekly/Monthly Backups
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Continual Speed Optimizations
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Uptime Monitor

*no payment until after we analyze the site.


Feel safe and secure knowing that your WordPress website is being monitored 24/7. With scheduled backups, scans, and security, we’ll always be there to make sure the site is running as optimimally as possible.

No Obligation

Pay nothing until we’re confident we can set up monitoring on your site. It’s an easy process!

Safe & Secure

Rest assured knowing that we make sure to backup every step of the way. Your files and data are safe with us.


If we’re not able to monitor the WordPress website, we’ll refund you 100% no questions asked.

USA Based

We’re based in Philadelphia! No language barriers – only slight timezone changes. Customer service you expect.

Simple & Easy

Our Process

Slow Wordpress Website Step 1

Complete the "Get Started" Form

After you've filled out the form, we'll diagnose the website to make sure we can edit it.

Slow Wordpress Website Step 2


We'll make full backups of the website at the start, during, and when we're finished our work with it. We'll keep everything!

Slow Wordpress Website Step 3

Nerds Do Nerdy Things

The nerds over here at Pagemend will get to work editing the site! All while making sure to take every procaution possible to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Slow Wordpress Website Step 4


You and your website visitors will enjoy your "new" Wordpress website. Or, we'll refund you! You'll be joining hundreds of other clients who've benefited from our work!



What services are included in "monitoring"?
  • 24/7 Hacking/malware prevention systems
  • 24/7 Uptime monitoring that checks if your website is down
  • 24/7 Image compression so you never have to worry about image filesize
  • 24/7 Caching system to speed everything up
  • 24/7 Performance checks to make sure your site is speedy
  • Monthly, weekly, or daily backups to Backblaze
  • With some plans, 1 free small edit


Reach out if you have any questions!

How about security and safety

We make several full backups of your website throughout the process. These backups include ALL files and the entire WordPress database.


We never share or give access to your website to anyone outside of our company. We use third-party password managers like Lastpass so that very few people inside our company ever see your secure information.

How often do you make backups?
  1. Before we start work
  2. After milestones during work
  3. Upon completing work

We store these locally and remotely.

What about eCommerce websites?

Yep! As long as it’s WordPress, we can help fix it.

What info do you need from me?

We’ll only need access to your WordPress backend.


Your WordPress backend is at yourdomain.com/wp-admin. You can either share your login information or add an account for us (this is the preferred method).


All of this will be in greater detail after you contact us.

Will my site go down while you're working?

There’s no reason the site should go down during the transfer.

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