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  • On average, 850,647 websites are hacked every month.
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Our nerds will comb through your WordPress website and remove any malicious code through the use of industry standard plugins or by scanning files individually. We then take any actions necessary to remove the infectious code and restore your website to normal working order.

wordpress website backup service


Removal of malicious code is not enough – it’s important that we prevent anything from happening again. That’s why we install passive and active measures to stop attackers in their tracks. We do this through passive scanners, updates, backups, and more!

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You know what they say, “save and save often”. That couldn’t be more important when it comes to your site. We highly encourage you to have your WordPress website backed-up and updated frequently. Backups in WordPress aren’t an automatic or default process, so you have to know how and when to set this up. Updates, on the other hand, are something that can be handled easily by pressing a button.


Have you ever seen that update notification that WordPress puts at the top of the backend? Ever wonder if you should do it and take the leap? It can be a daunting idea if you really think about it – what do you do if something breaks? This raises the question, why should I update WordPress? Or perhaps you just finished building your website and you wonder why backup WordPress? Let’s break it down one after the other.

Why Should I Update WordPress?

WordPress is free and the developers often release new versions with newly added features, improved performance, bug fixes, security fixes, and enhancements to existing features to stay up-to-date with the current industry standards. Hence, not updating your WordPress site means you’re exposing your website to security threats and potentially missing out on the latest improvements and features. Here are some other reasons and details about why you should update your WordPress website.


1. Security

The major reason why you should keep your WordPress site up to date is for security purposes. Because WordPress is open source and popular, this has made it one of the biggest targets for hackers, data thieves, and malicious code distributors. While anyone can view and study the source code and also improve on it, hackers are not left out. They will go as far as possible to look for ways to break into websites.


Not using the latest version means you’re using software with exposed security vulnerabilities. When hackers discover that your site is running on an old version, you can be attacked.


2. Speed

WordPress developers make sure each new release comes with several improvements that allow it to work more efficiently and run faster. For instance, the JavaScript performance for WordPress 4.2 was improved, while WordPress 4.1 improved the complex queries which helped the performance of a website that uses those queries.

Speed is one big factor in SEO – so keeping it updated will ensure the benefits of maximum performance.


3. Improved Features

Updating your WordPress regularly gives you access to the most recent features. For example, the latest WordPress release includes an improvement to the admin UX screens as well as improvements on accessibility.


4. Bug Fixes

Sometimes, bugs get through the cracks. Sometimes, these bugs can break your website or allow hackers to gain access to your website.


5. Compatibility Issues

Theme and plugin developers ensure that their updates are coordinated with major WordPress versions. This ensures they’re tapping from the pool of benefits of newly available features and improvements.


Be careful though, your existing WordPress plugins and themes might break if the coding standards and best practices are not properly followed. This is why a regular backups of your WordPress is essential.

Don’t be deceived! Your website might not be working as you expected and that’s all the reason you need to make sure you update and backup your WordPress website. Regular updates and backups of your WordPress website allows you to take advantage of a number of benefits in the latest versions and recent backups respectively. So, don’t risk your costly built site for a one-click update and secure backups. Think wisely, take actions today!

WordPress Updates & Backups Service

  • On average, 850,647 websites are hacked every month.
  • Get our prevention plan for Free - Forever!
  • Plans starting at just $20/month.
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