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  • On average, 850,647 websites are hacked every month.
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wordpress malware prevention service

Malware Prevention

Removal of malicious code is not enough – it’s important that we prevent anything from happening again. That’s why we install passive and active measures to stop attackers in their tracks. We do this through passive scanners, updates, backups, and more!

wordpress login security service

Login Security

Block, log, and prevent people from logging into your WordPress backend. If someone uses the wrong password too many times – lock them out! Change the default login URL so hackers don’t know where to login. And many more features to help secure your login.

wordpress website monitoring service

24/7 Security Scans

Our scanners will check your website many times daily to look for various things that could be signs of hacking attempts. The scanners look for files changes, suspicious login attempts, and more. If anything is found, we are notified immediately.

wordpress website ssl certificate service

SSL Certificate

Google recently announced that it takes SSL certificates into account when it calculates a website’s ranking. Aside from that, SSL certificates encrypt any data sent from a website visitor to your server. It adds another layer of security and a nice green lock next to your website URL!

wordpress website backup service

Database Protection

Every WordPress website has a database that stores all the information needed to run your website. Our security plugins protect from allowing hackers to inject their own malicious data that could hijack your website.


A firewall blocks suspicious people from connecting to your website. This could happen if specific people have been blacklisted or someone tries to login with the wrong password too many times. This stops someone from even being able to attack your website.

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Web security is increasingly becoming a point of concern for web developers and website owners. Hackers are developing new tricks that get harder and harder to prevent and repair. Just like any other website, WordPress websites may also be targeted by hackers. Malware, spyware, viruses and theft of data are some of the most popular tactics a hacker might use to attack your website and your visitors. It is paramount that you ensure security for your WordPress site. Here are some reasons why you must enhance your WordPress security.

Enhanced Security Protects Your Essential Data

Whether personal or public, all the data on your website must be kept away from prying eyes. It is important to ensure that no unauthorized party can penetrate your security measures.


Essential data such as financial reports, transactions data, traffic data, and personal data may be very valuable to hackers. Ransomware hackers find ways of accessing such types of data and place demands for a huge sum of money. Many companies have had to part with millions of dollars to get their data back.


Enhance your WordPress Security To Avoid Getting In Trouble With The Law.
Various countries now require businesses to guarantee privacy for their website users. In line with the current Uk Data Protection act, every website owner should ensure that the data collected from web users is not used for malicious purposes. If your WordPress website gets hacked, you may be sued for letting website users data get into the wrong hands.


Enhancing Your Website Security Promotes Your Website User Confidence.
If your website users encounter a single hacking event, your entire business loses credibility. No one wants to associate with a business where they may lose their personal data. Those who visit your website whether for personal or business purposes need assurance of security.


A Secure Website Enhances Usability

When a website is attacked with malware, the entire system gets corrupt. Individual pages or the whole website may not load quickly and other things might break. This affects the user experience and may lead to low traffic in the long run. Viruses target the structure of the website, changing how the entire system runs. Such an attack may cause ineffective service delivery, delayed response, and inaccurate information transfer among website users.



Your WordPress website is at a risk of being attacked at any time. Just like any other website, WordPress websites need protection from possible threats. However, the advanced nature of security threats calls for advanced security measures. Generally, using security best practices is enough to prevent an attack. Let us take care of it for you.

WordPress Security Service

  • On average, 850,647 websites are hacked every month.
  • Get our prevention plan for Free - Forever!
  • Plans starting at just $20/month.
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