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  • On average, 850,647 websites are hacked every month.
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Uptime Monitor

Our nerds will comb through your WordPress website and remove any malicious code through the use of industry standard plugins or by scanning files individually. We then take any actions necessary to remove the infectious code and restore your website to normal working order.

Performance Monitoring

Removal of malicious code is not enough – it’s important that we prevent anything from happening again. That’s why we install passive and active measures to stop attackers in their tracks. We do this through passive scanners, updates, backups, and more!

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For many businesses, their website is where they make money. E-commerce websites, for example, might only sell their product on their website. If it experiences downtime, then all that potential revenue will be lost. Studies have shown that most websites experience downtime of about 7 hours every month. If you are operating an online business, then a downtime of 7 hours a month can make you lose a lot of money. That’s why it is important to monitor your WordPress website’s uptime.


When certain components or systems in your website are unavailable, then that is considered downtime. Efficient monitoring can help reduce downtime by up to 80%. It will enable you to detect and correct the problems within the shortest time possible.

1. It will help detect problems early

Hackers are always looking for vulnerable websites to attack. This means that your website can experience security problem from time to time. If these problems are not detected immediately, they can escalate to something big that can be difficult or expensive to fix. The best way to avoid this is by monitoring WordPress security. Prevention is better than fixing later.


2. It will help you know the stability of your site

Is your website up or down? Other than checking your website manually every 5 minutes, this can only be done with monitoring website uptime. As soon as it is detected that your website is down, you’ll be notified so you can correct it (or, we will if you decide to work with us!) Overtime, you will know the stability of your website, a factor that will help you manage it better.


3. It will help you protect your business reputation

Your business reputation is very important and you need to protect it all times. If your website experiences frequent downtime, that can greatly jeopardize the reputation of your business. You should always strive to keep your customers happy and that can only happen if you’re able to correct any issues asap.


4. It will help prevent losing sales

When operating a business, your primary goal is make more sales. That can only happen if your website is operating efficiently all the time. Frequent downtime issues can result in a massive amounts of lost revenue because you are not available when your customers need you. By monitoring your WordPress website uptime frequently, you will know if your website is functioning well or if there are areas that needs improvement


5. It will boost your search results ranking

Major search engines, such as Google, don’t like websites that experience frequent downtime. Their main aim is to ensure that they direct visitors to websites that give them what they are looking for. This means that if Google realizes that your website is experiencing frequent downtime, then it will lower your ranking in the search results. This will significantly affect your business. If you monitor WordPress, you will help ensure that your website stays online as much as possible.


In conclusion, if you want to enhance your brand reputation and boost sales, then you must ensure that your website runs smoothly all the time.


Customers don’t like transacting with businesses that experience frequent downtime. By monitoring your WordPress uptime, you will know whether it is progressing well or if it has problems that need to be fixed.

WordPress Website Monitoring Service

  • On average, 850,647 websites are hacked every month.
  • Get our prevention plan for Free - Forever!
  • Plans starting at just $20/month.
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